The McBase ShareBox Opens For Business!

Following swiftly from our delicious launch last week, we are now excited to announce that our ShareBox will open for business on Monday Feb 15, 2021 at 5pm UTC.

What’s a ShareBox?

The ‘ShareBox’ is our unique liquidity mining program that aims to distribute the majority of the McBase supply to those community members who contribute to the health of the ecosystem (liquidity providers) in a fair, permissionless and predictable manner.

What’s in the ShareBox?

In total, ~55% of the total McBase supply has been locked safely away in the ShareBox. The ShareBox will release this supply to BNB/MCBASE liquidity providers over multiple phases.

The first of these phases shall commence today, Monday 15 February, and will see 40,000 $MCBASE (~25% of total supply) distributed over a 30 day period.

  • 10,000 $MCBASE will be distributed as rewards over the first 7 days

Staking bonuses will be applied the longer you stay in the ShareBox (see our FAQ section below)

How do I use the ShareBox?

The $MCBASE held in the ShareBox geyser unlocks gradually over time. Stakers receive these $MCBASE based on amount and duration staked.

To deposit and start earning rewards, simply follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Deposit $BNB and $MCBASE into Pancake Swap to receive BNB/MCBASE CAKE-LP tokens (

NB: The link above is taking some users to WBNB/MCBASE. If this happens, please change WBNB to BNB, as pictured below.

2. Next, navigate to our website, connect your web3 wallet and stake your CAKE LP tokens in the ShareBox (

3. Sit back and watch your delicious $MCBASE rewards roll in!


Who holds the funds?

The geyser contract holds the CAKE-LP tokens that are staked within the ShareBox.

How is my pool share calculated?

The ShareBox reward pool slowly unlocks over time. When you unstake, you are able to claim a % of the unlocked pool.

Your pool share is calculated by: staking token time / global staking token time:

How do bonus periods work?

The Sharebox geyser is meant to incentivize long-term liquidity providers and project supporters.

As such — whilst there are no staking lock ups — there are incentives to stake for longer.

When you start staking, you begin at 1x bonus multiplier.

Each day you hold, you get an increase on your multiplier (increases linearly and reaches 3x on day 30).

When you unstake, your reward multiplier resets.

  • Day 0: 1x multiplier

As long as you don’t unstake, you keep your reward multiplier for additional stakes.

  • Example: You stake 10 CAKE-LP in the ShareBox on launch (day 1) and don’t touch it. On day 15, you’ll have a 2x reward multiplier. On day 15, you stake another 20 CAKE-LP, you’ll get the 2x reward multiplier on your entire stake (30 CAKE-LP tokens).


  1. Keep your stake for at least 30 days without unstaking to maximize your rewards (you can add more at any time to maintain your reward multiplier).

Does $MCBASE still rebase in the geyser?

Yes — $MCBASE supply changes are universal and affect all users proportionally, including the ShareBox geyser contract wallet.

When you unstake, you’ll get the same CAKE-LP tokens back, but the amount of $MCBASE you receive may vary.

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