McBase Drive-Thru Vaults: A Deep D(r)ive!

As promised — we are excited to announce some further deep dive details into our upcoming McBase Drive-Thru Vaults!

The Vaults will initially launch with three strategies:

  • Cheeseburger ($wBNB);
  • Cake Milkshake ($CAKE); and
  • Burger ($BUSD)

Each Vault will implement the popular compounding strategies which have all been battle-tested by the most prominent yield-optimisation platforms on BSC (e.g. Beefy and Auto).

These initial Vaults will utilise single-asset strategies, as these tend to be the most attractive to yield farmers due to the lack of exposure to impermanent loss.

But what really sets the McBase Vaults apart will be…

Minimum Withdrawal Fees!

We know that — as a burgerflipper — you don’t need the powers that be taxing any more of your minimum wage gains than is strictly necessary.

With the Drive-Thru vaults, you will only be charged a tiny 0.05% fee when you withdraw your assets.

(We originally intended to make all the vaults fee-free but this would allow users to game the system by jumping into a pool, harvesting rewards, then exiting immediately).

With only a 0.05% withdraw fee, Drive-Thru customers will end up with more profit than they would using the original farm strategies!

Returns for Franchise Owners

Rather than a deposit/withdraw fee, there is a 5% fee on every harvest, which gets sold to BNB.

  • 4% goes to the Franchise Owners (MCBASE-BNB LP providers who stake their LP in the Franchise Geyser); and
  • 1% goes to the dev team to further develop different vault strategies.

As a result of this profit sharing, the McBase Drive-Thru vaults will serve as a self-reinforcing source of liquidity for the $MCBASE token by creating an on-going incentive for yield farmers to provide liquidity to the MCBASE-BNB pair.

Self-Sustaining over time

Our burgerflipping devs have been working round the clock to round out this final phase.

The result is that the price of McBase will remain more stable, closer to the peg and for longer.

How Do I Use The Drive-Thru?

The Drive-Thru vaults are distinct from our Geyser contracts (Sharebox, McFlurry and Dollar Menu) and LP tokens cannot be simultaneously staked in the Geyser and Vaults.

This will not be an issue once the Geyser farming periods are over, but burgerflippers should be aware of this in the interim period!

Drive-Thru Opening Hours

We are pushing out the Vaults as soon as possible, but security has to remain paramount.

We expect these to be ready for deployment by the middle of next week.

Thank you again for your patience and we look forward to welcoming you to the final phase of the McBase project!

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