Introducing the McBase McFlurry Geyser!

We are now less than a week into the launch of our liquidity mining program, which has seen our ShareBox and Dollar Menu geysers gain a combined total of over $750,000 TVL.

We are excited to now complete the geyser offering with our final course — the McFlurry Geyser!

What is the McFlurry Geyser?

The McFlurry Geyser will further bootstrap McBase liquidity by utilising the native token of BSC’s premier decentralised exchange — $CAKE!

This new dessert option will allow McBase customers to stake CAKE-MCBASE LP tokens to earn delicious $MCBASE rewards.

The McFlurry Geyser uses the same contract as our the ShareBox and Dollar Menu geysers — and will be funded with 30,000 $MCBASE, released over 30 days.

As with all other geysers, multipliers will be applied to longer, uninterrupted staking periods.

For further information on how this works, as well as on how geyser rewards are calculated, we recommend you check out our previous article here.

How do I use the McFlurry Geyser?

To start earning rewards from the McFlurry Geyser, simply follow the steps below:

1. Deposit $CAKE and $MCBASE on PancakeSwap to receive CAKE-MCBASE CAKE-LP tokens.

2. Stake your CAKE-MCBASE CAKE-LP tokens on the McFlurry tab of our official website

3. Sit back and watch the delicious rewards roll in!

When Does The McFlurry Geyser Launch?

The McFlurry Geyser will officially launch on Thursday, February 18th at 5pm UTC.

Join our Telegram channel to stay up to date with McBase announcements and upcoming events!

What’s Next On The Menu For McBase?

The McFlurry geyser rounds out our liquidity mining program and will — over the staking period — distribute the vast majority of the $MCBASE supply to the earliest supporters of the project.

This begs the question — what will happen to McBase after the distribution phase has concluded?

We don’t want to give away too much at this stage — but let’s just say you might want to hold on to your $MCBASE to collect BNB fees from our upcoming Drive Thru Vaults…

A medium will reveal all in the days to come.

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