Introducing: The McBase Dollar Menu Geyser

Following swiftly from the successful launch of our liquidity mining program — with the ShareBox geyser seeing over $350,000 TVL in just over 48 hours — we are excited to now announce the launch of our second pool — the Dollar Menu Geyser.

What is the Dollar Menu Geyser?

The Dollar Menu Geyser is a new way to earn McBase for the cost-savvy customer.

As the name suggests, the Dollar Menu geyser will become our first stablecoin pairing, allowing the burger flipping community to stake MCBASE-BUSD LP tokens to earn delicious MCBASE rewards.

The Dollar Menu uses the same geyser contract as our flagship ShareBox and will be funded with 30,000 MCBASE (currently worth ~585,000), to be released over 30 days.

As with the ShareBox, multipliers will be applied to longer, uninterrupted staking periods.

For further information on how this works, as well as on how geyser rewards are calculated, we recommend you check out our previous article here.

How do I use the Dollar Menu?

To start earning rewards from the Dollar Menu, simply follow the steps below:

1) Deposit BUSD-MCBASE on PancakeSwap to receive BUSD-MCBASE CAKE-LP tokens

2) Stake your BUSD-MCBASE CAKE-LP tokens on the Dollar Menu tab of our official website (currently in development):

3) Sit back and watch your delicious rewards roll in!

Why a Dollar Menu?

For those who have recently joined the project, the aim of McBase is to provide a new crypto asset pegged to the price of one of the world’s premier consumer products, the Big Mac.

This concept is predicated in an economic resource known as “The Big Mac Index”, which is published and maintained by The Economist as a means of evaluating the relative spending parity of fiat currencies.

By applying this to cryptocurrencies, anyone can pair their desired token against McBase to gain an immediate understanding of the real-world spending power of any cryptocurrency.

By creating a MCBASE-BUSD pair, we aim to add a further force driving long-term price action towards the peg, all whilst providing a boost to the overall McBase market cap (which, in turn, leads to less volatility).

The launch of the Dollar Menu also provides the McBase community with an additional means of supporting the ecosystem without exposure to dual-sided impermanent loss.

When Does The Dollar Menu Launch?

The Dollar Menu Geyser is in development right now and will officially launch on Wednesday, February 17th at approximately 6pm UTC.

Our dev team is working hard and we plan to get this out as soon as possible while maintaining security and quality.

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