Coming Soon: McBase ‘Drive-Thru’ Vaults

A week has now passed since McBase opened its doors to the public, in which time we have seen three delicious choices added to our Geyser menu.

These three pools, the ShareBox (BNB-MCBASE LP), Dollar Menu (BUSD-MCBASE LP) and McFlurry (CAKE-MCBASE LP), grew to over $1,500,000 TVL and we now boast a Telegram community of over 1,200 burger flippers!

Here’s a summary of what we’ve done so far, and how everything falls into our long-term roadmap.

Phase One — Burgerflipper (Completed)

McBase started with a simple vision — DeFi lacked a real-world peg against which to measure the true value of cryptocurrencies.

With a reference point set at the base value of The Economist’s ‘Big Mac Index’, the team stealth launched $MCBASE with a small float of initial liquidity from its own funds.

After waiting for $MCBASE to stabilise after the initial volatility of price discovery, the team proceeded to Phase Two.

Phase Two — Regional Manager (Completed)

Phase Two represents liquidity bootstrapping via our three Geysers — the ShareBox, Dollar Menu and McFlurry.

The intention behind Phase Two is twofold:

  1. distribute the $MCBASE supply to the project’s early supporters; and

In doing so, each liquidity provider was — unbeknownst to them — becoming a Franchise Owner.

Phase Three — Franchise Owner (Launching Soon)

The final phase of the McBase project will be opening our doors to paying DeFi customers.

As a McBase-BNB LP provider (“Franchise Owner”), you will be entitled to share in the profits of the McBase Drive-Thru Vaults and earn profit in BNB.

The Drive-Thru will open with three strategies (“Meal Deals”):

  • Burger ($wBNB);

Each Meal Deal will implement auto-compounding for the relevant asset using efficient, battled-tested strategies from prominent BSC yield optimisation platforms.

BNB harvested from the Drive-Thru Vaults will be distributed to Franchise Owners providers via the Franchise Vault.

In doing so, we aim to create a self-sustainable revenue stream and liquidity incentive that rewards Franchise Owners and creates long-term stability around the Big Mac Index.

The Drive-Thru Vaults and first Meal Deals will officially launch next week.

Thanks for being a part of our awesome community and if you haven’t done so already, join our Telegram channel for more announcements and progress updates.

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