As promised — we are excited to announce some further deep dive details into our upcoming McBase Drive-Thru Vaults!

The Vaults will initially launch with three strategies:

  • Cheeseburger ($wBNB);
  • Cake Milkshake ($CAKE); and
  • Burger ($BUSD)

Each Vault will implement the popular compounding strategies which have all been battle-tested by the most prominent yield-optimisation platforms on BSC (e.g. Beefy and Auto).

These initial Vaults will utilise single-asset strategies, as these tend to be the most attractive to yield farmers due to the lack of exposure to impermanent loss.

But what really sets the McBase Vaults apart will be…

Minimum Withdrawal Fees!

A week has now passed since McBase opened its doors to the public, in which time we have seen three delicious choices added to our Geyser menu.

These three pools, the ShareBox (BNB-MCBASE LP), Dollar Menu (BUSD-MCBASE LP) and McFlurry (CAKE-MCBASE LP), grew to over $1,500,000 TVL and we now boast a Telegram community of over 1,200 burger flippers!

Here’s a summary of what we’ve done so far, and how everything falls into our long-term roadmap.

Phase One — Burgerflipper (Completed)

McBase started with a simple vision — DeFi lacked a real-world peg against which to measure the true value of cryptocurrencies.

With a reference…

We are now less than a week into the launch of our liquidity mining program, which has seen our ShareBox and Dollar Menu geysers gain a combined total of over $750,000 TVL.

We are excited to now complete the geyser offering with our final course — the McFlurry Geyser!

What is the McFlurry Geyser?

The McFlurry Geyser will further bootstrap McBase liquidity by utilising the native token of BSC’s premier decentralised exchange — $CAKE!

This new dessert option will allow McBase customers to stake CAKE-MCBASE LP tokens to earn delicious $MCBASE rewards.

The McFlurry Geyser uses the same contract as our the ShareBox and Dollar…

Following swiftly from the successful launch of our liquidity mining program — with the ShareBox geyser seeing over $350,000 TVL in just over 48 hours — we are excited to now announce the launch of our second pool — the Dollar Menu Geyser.

What is the Dollar Menu Geyser?

The Dollar Menu Geyser is a new way to earn McBase for the cost-savvy customer.

As the name suggests, the Dollar Menu geyser will become our first stablecoin pairing, allowing the burger flipping community to stake MCBASE-BUSD LP tokens to earn delicious MCBASE rewards.

The Dollar Menu uses the same geyser contract as our flagship ShareBox and…

Following swiftly from our delicious launch last week, we are now excited to announce that our ShareBox will open for business on Monday Feb 15, 2021 at 5pm UTC.

What’s a ShareBox?

The ‘ShareBox’ is our unique liquidity mining program that aims to distribute the majority of the McBase supply to those community members who contribute to the health of the ecosystem (liquidity providers) in a fair, permissionless and predictable manner.

What’s in the ShareBox?

In total, ~55% of the total McBase supply has been locked safely away in the ShareBox. The ShareBox will release this supply to BNB/MCBASE liquidity providers over multiple phases.

The first of…

$MCBASE is the world’s first cryptocurrency on Binance Smart Chain pegged to the price of a Big Mac.

It is an elastic supply BSC token (similar to Ampleforth — $AMPL) with a price peg of $5.66, the current value of a Big Mac.

Why a Big Mac?

McBase leverages the ‘Big Mac Index’, a measure invented by The Economist in 1986 as a lighthearted guide to whether fiat currencies are at their “correct” level.

“[The Big Mac Index] it is based on the theory of purchasing-power parity (PPP), the notion that in the long run exchange rates should move towards the rate that would…

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